Zoo Tycoon 2 Extinct Animals

Your favorite zoo simulation game with new extinct animal species

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Zoo Tycoon 2 Extinct Animals
Zoo Tycoon 2 2014

Create and manage your own zoo with animals that are extinct.

Zoo Tycoon is a game where you get to decide which animals are in your exhibits, which restaurants and gift shops are in your zoo, and how your zoo appeals to guests. You begin the game with an open expanse of land. Use the tools to create the terrain that you want the zoo to have before building exhibits. The exhibits that you have in the zoo should be carefully planned out before adding other details. Each exhibit will need to be maintained and created with the proper terrain and other features before any animals are put inside. Hire staff who will care for the animals as well as people who will clean up the zoo and fix anything that is broken.

After the exhibits are created and the animals are put in them, such as dinosaurs or a wooly mammoth or two, you can begin designing the rest of the park. You can change the admission price of the park at any time to make more money so that you can buy more animals and amenities. There are several types of paths that you can make as well as a variety of bathrooms, benches, decorations and other details that you can add. Once you reach certain points in the game, more items are added. Keep your zoo in pristine condition, offering a variety of places to eat and shop as well as fun things to do so that guests spend money, which is how you will succeed in the game.

The graphics are detailed, putting you into the game instead of making it feel like you're playing a computer game. Each animal has its own sound, and there are also sounds of people as they walk around the zoo, such as laughter or footsteps. There are several kinds of animals to choose from and numerous ways to design your zoo, making it a game that takes up a good bit of free time.


  • Variety of animals and amenities for the zoo
  • Details are suited for the entire family
  • Uses your imagination


  • Significant amount of time needed
  • Boring waiting for money to build to buy more items

Add animals to your zoo that went extinct hundreds of years ago.

If you are looking for a game that features animals from a typical zoo as well as animals that you have probably never seen except for inside a museum, then consider Zoo Tycoon. This is an addition to the original game that gives you animals like dinosaurs and wooly mammoths. Some of the animals require special attention so that they are taken care of properly. There are also animals that hatch from eggs. Scientists help to care for the dinosaurs, because they need care that the zoo attendants cant always provide.

When playing with the extinct animals, it is best to keep the dangerous ones separate from the rest of the park, because some of them, such as the dinosaurs, can cause a lot of damage. There are over 30 extinct animals that you have to choose from, and each category of animal comes with its own decorations and attractions. These include restaurants, gift shops, food carts and pathways for guests to walk in the zoo.

One of the more adorable animals is the dodo bird. Another animal that some might find fascinating is the saber-toothed cat. Something that will keep you busy during the game is searching for fossils. This makes the land of extinction even more realistic. Scientists work in a research lab to discover more animals and try to maintain the lives of those that are in the zoo. Some of the decorations to choose from include tar pits, glaciers and even a caveman. After the animals have been added, you can cure diseases and try to catch a dinosaur or two if they escape.


  • Realistic details
  • Each animal makes noises
  • Decorations and buildings make a full zoo


  • Some animals are hard to care for
  • Workers don't always get to the animal fast enough
  • Play for only one person

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